Channel Partner

Channel Partner

We are always on the lookout for channel partners who wish to connect with us and grow towards mutual success. Our company is planning numerous extravagant projects across the city and we need partners who share our vision, passion and commitment. At Venkatesh Buildcon you will be successful in unraveling a treasure trove of opportunities that will help you achieve your goals and set new benchmarks in the real estate industry.

When you put your trust in our organization you will be successfully upholding the values of innovation and unparalleled customer service. At every step of the journey our efficient team will walk with you to create masterpieces that people have never seen before and all of this will be achieved without breaking the bank of the common Indian man because with us quality and affordability is a guarantee! With us in tow, our partners can rest assured of the fact that they have invested their hard earned money in the right organization.

Why Us

Gain Credibility

Capitalize on the VENKATESH BUILDCON’s brand, which commands recognition and respect in the marketplace.

Acquire Credentials

Market your certified VENKATESH BUILDCON expertise as a competitive differentiator to customers.

Catch the Momentum

Join the value-add partner program that is setting the pace in the industry.

Reap Rewards

Team with the best to add value for customers and drive growth profitability with VENKATESH BUILDCON.

Mutual success

Position your company to take advantage of more sales opportunities than ever before.

Our Commitment

VENKATESH BUILDCON is committed to providing its partners with quality, high-impact, and proven sales and marketing tools to help them grow their business. VENKATESH BUILDCON has been in the marketing vanguard for years – unlike other companies, we’ve measured what works and what doesn’t. Now we enable our channel partners to leverage our collective marketing experience.

We enable our channel partners to leverage our collective marketing experience. Co-branded promotional items, newsletter templates, customizable spec sheets, downloadable brochures, and videos on demand-all the resources our internal marketing department uses are now available for you as well.

VENKATESH BUILDCON provides its channel partners complete training support. This not only includes a comprehensive product training on the entire range of offerings, but also extensive skill enhancement training so as to enable them to compete and outclass the best players in the market.

VENKATESH BUILDCON ensures for each of its channel partners have the best of the business operating infrastructures meet up the demands of the time by providing the right intelligence and proper guidance.

VENKATESH BUILDCON does not leave its channel partners to manage all their operational expenses on their own. The company, as a matter of business policy, shares the expenses related to brand promotion events, exhibitions, sponsorships and wherever else that it deems fit in the best interest of the association.


Permission of In house Marketing team required before doing any Promotional Activities by Channel Partner for VEC/SKYDALE/VIOM/MIDORI TOWERS

If any CP does any marketing campaign on any platforms for Shree Venkatesh Buildcon Projects without our approval from marketing team then we will take legal action against that company

  • Customer Tagging Period Project Wise:
  1. 90 Days for VEC
  2.  30 Days for ELAN & Glover
  3. 90 days for Sky Dale
  4. 90 Days for VIOM
  • For our upcoming project we will update the tagging period accordingly
  • CP should mandatory accompany with Customer while doing first walk-in @site & if the CP is not available @ time of visit then before the Customer leaves campus CP should be present otherwise the credit will not be given to that CP
  • If the tagging period is over then the CP should visit again with customer for RETAGGING
  • No Client will be registered on Watsapp or Mail
  • Out stationed customer will be registered through VC (Zoom Call)
  • Out stationed Customer will be tagged for 30 days for NRI Clients & 15 days for out of Pune Client from the date of VC (Zoom Call) in loop with the site Closing Manager,CP & CP Sourcing Manager of the Respective Sites
  • Credit will be given to the first CP who has done walk-in & on whoevers name the Client will do booking in case of any dispute
  • In-case of any customer dispute with in the CPs the follow of the customer will be verified (Call history, Watsapp or Email conversation) by Sales Head or Channel Head.
  • Executive Incentive will be given to the Executives of the company & not on the Company Name or Owners Name, the Executive needs to write his name, Contact No. & company’s name on the Walk In Form at the time of Customer Visit
  • CP Empanelment is mandatory without it the pay-out won’t be Released
  • Invoices should be submitted @ Respective sites where the transaction of the Customer has been done
  • Need RERA Certificates, Aadhar Card, Pan Card & GST Certificate for Invoicing (BILLING).
  • CP pay-out will be released within 30 days working days from the date of receiving the bill from Channel Sourcing Manager Post agreement.


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