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Venkatesh Luxe

Pune's Top Real Estate Brand

At Venkatesh Buildcon, we introduce a new paradigm of luxurious living. Each Venkatesh Luxe residence is a work of art blending luxury amenities and practical features into a sublime lifestyle.
Over the years, Venkatesh Buildcon has become synonymous with redefining excellence. Call it one of our luxury abode homes.

Lifestyle Brand of the Year

At Venkatesh Buildcon, we have redefined luxurious living in Pune for several years. Recognized as the preeminent leader in luxury real estate, we are proud to be named Pune’s Lifestyle Brand of the Year.

Our crafted homes exemplify sophistication through impeccable design and world-class amenities. We ceaselessly raise industry standards of excellence, having set new benchmarks for luxury living.

From meticulous attention to detail to superior quality finishes, we ensure an unparalleled living experience.
Strategically located premium addresses and a commitment to a 5-star lifestyle make us Pune’s most trusted brand.

This recognition is a testament to our legacy of pioneering luxury. At Venkatesh Buildcon, excellence is our signature.

Welcome to Venkatesh Premium-grade Masterpieces Designed for Exclusive Fortune

Venkatesh Luxe offers high-quality homes for selective clients designed by our team of experts. At Venkatesh Luxe, we pay attention to every small detail because we understand what truly matters.

Our luxury homes take living to a new level of comfort. Located in premium areas, they come with high-end amenities. We ensure the best for clients who want beautiful, long-lasting homes.

Venkatesh Luxe - The Perfect Synonym For Everything High-end

We invite you to experience the highest level of comfortable living – where quality surpasses sub-standards. Each home is a work of art for clients wanting the finest luxury. Through excellent crafting and close attention to every detail, we have taken luxury living to a whole new level.

Our homes symbolize the best way of living for our select clients. With each carefully made home, we raise the bar for luxury through skill in building and our commitment to quality.

By offering high-end amenities and features, homes by Venkatesh Luxe set new standards for comfortable living in Pune.

Elite Perks for Choosing Venkatesh Luxe


Designed With Elegance

Each home is made like a work of art, blending modern style and timeless class.



Venkatesh Luxe Homes offers numerous amenities and facilities that make us a premium destination to live in.



Located in a prime locality, our project connects you with Pune’s best cultural and outdoor places.


Commitment to Quality

Venkatesh Buildcon is known and trusted by many for its reliable and expert construction.


Beyond Normal Standards

Venkatesh Luxe offers residents a refined lifestyle in beautifully crafted homes.

Brand Journey

The beginning of Venkatesh Buildcon was with a vision to build extraordinary homes. We aim high to offer the best comfortable living. From the beginning, we aimed to design homes that would inspire feelings and be beautiful both on the outside and cosy within.

Venkatesh Luxe shows our commitment to making the best homes for selective clients in Pune. Each successful project over many years proves our legacy of redefining high-quality living.

Where Every Home is Amazing Inside and Out

Our homes provide the highest level of luxury living spaces. From the well-crafted outside to the comfortable inside, each home shows our dedication to creating living spaces better than expected.

Venkatesh Luxe Projects

Explore the excellence of Venkatesh Luxe through our collection of projects. Immerse yourself in a world where architectural quality is an art form, and every detail exudes luxury. Venkatesh Buildcon offers much more than living spaces; it presents the lifestyle of a select few. Browse these landmark homes – each a work of art inviting you to experience true luxury.


@ Beside Rajaram Bridge, Sinhagad Road


@ Patwardhan Baug, Erandwane


@ Bhusari Colony, Kothrud

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