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For the NRI seeking ways to honor their origins, Venkatesh Buildcon brings the comforts of India within reach through luxurious addresses steeped in tradition.

Does this thought resonate with your vision of an escape in your homeland from afar?

At Venkatesh Buildcon, we understand the longing of global citizens to own a slice of luxury in the land they call home. For over 25 years, we’ve helped Non-Resident Indians overcome the challenges of cross-border investment to turn their Indian dreams into magnificent reality.

Our dedicated NRI team understands the unique needs of non-resident homebuyers. Therefore, when you invest through us, you gain more than just a house; you gain lifelong peace of mind.

Our bespoke concierge services ensure your property is always impeccably managed so you can visit your luxurious sanctuary anytime, leaving everyday cares at the door. As a valued client, exclusive benefits like 24/7 support and priority facilities add that personal touch.

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Exclusive Benefits for Global Citizens

We recognize that NRIs play an essential role in India’s growth story. That is why Venkatesh Buildcon offers exceptional services and benefits to these global citizens looking to invest here:

  1. Comprehensive support –Our NRI experts provide end-to-end guidance, from finding suitable properties to completing all documentation requirements.
  2. Priority assistance –NRIs receive dedicated attention to simplifying every step of the process.
  3. Preferential pricing –We offer exclusive deals and pricing to reward our valued NRI clientele.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the definition of an NRI?

An NRI refers to an Indian citizen residing outside the country for employment, business, or other reasons.

2. What documents are required for purchase?

NRIs need a power of attorney, PAN/passport copy, and an NRE/NRO account to make transactions.

3. Can NRIs sell Indian property without RBI approval?

Yes, as long as they follow regulations like selling only to an Indian resident citizen.

4. Can NRIs receive Indian property as a gift?

Yes, NRIs can receive residential or commercial property as a gift in India.

5. Do NRIs need a home loan from an Indian bank?

While not necessary, we can assist NRIs in applying for competitive home loans from our empaneled banks.

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