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The city of Pune is not only jet-speeding itself on the path to great growth and nation wide accolades for the same, but it is also taking forward the outskirts of the city along with it on the development path. What was a few decades ago just a poor cousin of the commercial capital of the country, Mumbai, now has an identity of its own.

Pune has caught the eye of real estate builders by transforming itself into a well-organised industrial hub with ample opportunities for the youth of the country to grow and flourish. This development speed is being well-complemented by the many outskirts of the city which all have a character of their own and a great connectivity to the heart of the city.

Here’s a list of few of the outskirts which have a huge potential to grow and turn into a gold mine for real estate investors in the coming years.

1. Undri :- Being extremely close to Pune Camp, the area is witnessing growth at a rapid pace and is becoming a hotbed for real estate investors. Being well connected to various key localities in Pune via various local and interstate highways and expressways while still retaining the charm of its serenity has worked wonders for the area and attracted people looking for a neighbourhood with the best of both city life and countryside. Further, Undri is a delight for a nature lover with its dense green cover protected by the Government regulations.

Current Price Range (Rs./Sq-ft)- 3, 935 -5,923

2. Ambegaon :- For people still scouting for a place to live with the opportunities of the new Pune city but the charm and character of the old city, Ambegaon is the place for you to invest. Development in this area has taken place on land parcels, which have been held by land owners for a long period of time before being put on the market for development. For the hill lovers, Ambegaon has a great, serene view of the hills all because of its proximity to Katraj. The city is also connected to the inner city by the roadways and has a great advantage of being close to the Mumbai-Bangalore Bypass, hospitals and several educational institutions like NBN Sinhgad Technical Institute etc.

Current Price Range (Rs./Sq-ft)-3,729-6,103

3. Dhayari :- Located near the Katraj-Dehu Road Bypass, Dhayari is some 13 kilometres away from the city of Pune. The area has been able to establish itself as a significant communication point between Sinhagad fort and Pune, all thanks to its location. Being well-connected to the city through the road, the area is attracting a huge percentage of IT professionals looking to settle in and around Pune for their careers but at a decent budget.

Current Price Range (Rs./Sq-ft)- 4,165-6,454

4. Loni Kalbhor :- Located on the Pune – Solapur Highway as well as the main Pune – Secundarabad Railway, the area was for long a real estate gem in hiding. But, various real estate builders have now been successful in unveiling the great potential that the area holds whether it is for the professionals, the farming sector or the entertainment industry. The area has witnessed the shooting of various Bollywood movies because of the scenic beauty it has to offer. The Mula Mutha river passes close to the village.

Current Price Range (Rs./Sq-ft)- 2,754-4,061

5. Shirwal :- Located between Satara and Pune, the village lies on the banks of river NIRA. The village which was earlier known just for its Shubhanmangal fort, has now developed itself into an industrial heaven. Most of the industries in Bhosari and PCMC MIDC are shifting their base to Shirwal due to the unavailability of land for future expansion. Further, DSK plans to invest some 300 crore over the next three years in a new manufacturing site at Shirwal.

Current Price Range (Rs./Sq-ft)- 2,344-3,085

Hence, if you’re a potential real estate buyer looking for investing in real estate in Pune that could earn you good returns in the coming years, all the areas mentioned above can prove to be great prospects.

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