Technology has completed revamped the way we live our life nowadays. We can now order a pizza or book a hotel from within the palms of our hands without even physically setting our foot outside. The Real Estate industry has also been taken over by this technological revolution taking place in the 21st century. The recent years have seen various young entrepreneurs with exceptionally innovative and out-of-the-box ideas coming forward to give the Real Estate Industry a technological makeover.

Here’s a quick rundown of five startups helping the real estate industry be on the same pace of development as others.

1. :– A brainchild of IIT graduates, this particular startup took birth from the horrifying personal experiences that the founders faced because of the lack of transparency and authentic information available in the Real Estate market. The startup helps to bring customers, brokers and home owners on one platform and interact with one another directly without any middlemen. Verified listings, authentic pictures of the properties and a redefined search through filters are some of the factors that make the website a virtual heaven for home renters and buyers.

2. Nestaway :– As the name suggests, the startup is an effort to provide working class people and youngsters looking for an accommodation or a nest away from their original cities and homes because of new jobs and opportunities or old job transfers. Co-founded by the awesome foursome Jitendra Jagadev, Smruti Parida, Amarendra Sahu, and Deepak Dhar, the startup has received backing from industry giants like Flipkart and Tiger Global in the form of funding. Nestaway is a very popular online home rental marketplace offering pre-verified tenants with fully-furnished houses of landlords with prior rental experience.

3. Nobroker :– Real Estate industry without brokers is a hard scenario to imagine. But, Nobroker with its unique concept has made what seemed an impossible scenario, a possible one. The online real estate rental firm connects customers directly with homeowners so as to make the house hunting exercise a cost-effective and less taxing experience. To make the process more smoother, the platform also makes available customer customized online rental agreements, cost efficient properties and validation checks.

4. Ghar360 :– Taking digitisation to a whole new pedestal, Ghar360 co-founded by Ajesh Joy and Sanju Thomas is a cloud-based 3D augmented reality platform that gives a customers a virtual walk of their dream homes before it even becomes a reality. They can enter their homes using the 3D appearance similar to what is done in an IGI game or in Counter Strike.

5. Makaan :– Owning a makaan of their own is a dream of almost every person on this planet. Everyone wants to have a humble abode to themselves that they can call it theirs and decorate it and live in it the way they want. is on a mission of making this dream of every Indian a reality. Offering the best rates available for a property, the startup makes the dream home search mission a faster and less cumbersome process. In addition to buying a house, the online platform also helps in bringing together people trying to rent, sell or lease their properties in India. The startup was recently acquired by PropTiger, a known digital real estate marketing and transaction services provider, in April 2015.

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