The majesty of the stars is something that captivates everyone’s attention. It has been a part of human life since we can think of it. Whether it is to construct time, mark the passage of time or determine various natural occurrences, looking at the sky is always associated with curiosity and learning.

An interest in the sky is an important start to study outer space. Taking time to stargaze at night, inspires marvel and creativity, similarly, the way it did centuries ago. Simply put, stargazing is viewing the celestial bodies in the night sky, to understand and label what you see.

Stargazing is simple and accessible to almost everyone. While there’s plenty to observe and explore unaided, the night sky can be best seen with the help of equipment. A telescope will provide the clearest and the best look at the stars, planets and constellations in our galaxy.

We understand that taking up this new hobby or honing your already existing stargazing skills can be a pricy affair. The necessary tools needed for the same, might not be easily available to you or you might not have the exact knowledge as to how to use them. Fret not, as you can still gaze at the marvel of the night sky.

No need to escape away from the city to view the magic of the sky. Venkatesh Buildcon gets you an exclusive and state-of-the-art Stargazing Deck at Venkatesh Skydale. A project in the heart of Pune City beside Rajaram Bridge, Sinhagad Road, it makes available all the necessary facilities and gear to help you sight your favourite
astronomical bodies. It is a perfect place to disconnect from the screens and connect with nature and yourself. Experience celestial awe in the company of your friends and family, here at Skydale. A project of 2, 3, 4 and 5 BHK premium homes, it promises not just this, but many such extraordinary amenities.

To sum it up, there’s so much beauty to be found around all of us, only if we decide to look up. Witness the magic of the endless sky and dig deeper into this experience, here at Venkatesh Skydale. Book your homes now and avail this extravagant amenity today itself!

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