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Metaphorically, Human beings are just like house plants. They require care, sunlight,  nutrition to grow and wilt during stressful times. Similar to the green beings, humans too have an amazing rebounding capacity if provided with sufficient nourishment. To achieve this, each one of us needs to address the issues which hamper our well-being.

We are living in a pandemic, and somebody told me that this time is like still water where a stone has the potential to give origin to huge ripples and rings. Here, you are the water, whatever you do each day is the stone, and those ripples are the milestones you wish to achieve. Synchronize your energy to set the momentum and overcome your weakness, stress and fear.

Here is a helpful guide for managing your mental health in stressful times.

Break the Pattern

Procrastination, unhealthy sleep schedule, and lousy lifestyle are three usually seen patterns seen in people suffering from mental illness. Many times these begin under pressure, but it does not take much time to become habits.

In today’s life of work from home, though a clear demarcation of work and home is lost, at the same time, it has also provided us with ample amount of time to set a routine according to our needs. No commute and exemption from compulsive meetings are a lifetime opportunity to prioritize things as per your rules.

Break down that pile of pending work and set it on the to-do list according to its importance. Set a sleep schedule. No matter if you are an early riser or an all-nighter, eight hours of sleep is the golden rule. Always remember that sleep enhances your productivity; it removes the mist over the glass and offers clear vision and better multitasking skills.

Move every thirty minutes. Researchers have agreed to the fact that even small movements after every 20-30 minutes help in better circulation of blood and boost the body’s metabolism. All this cumulates to strong immunity power, which is much needed in these hard times of a pandemic.

Cut off the toxicity

Anything that does not manifest positivity gaslights your soul and disturbs your progress can be said to be toxic. It can be a habit or a person. The very first thing that you need to do in such scenarios is to identify your trigger points. Sit back and consider the dilemma.

If it is a habit such as smoking, drinking, or procrastination that brings in negativity, reduces your productivity, or makes your soul anxious, then try to change it. This will not happen overnight so take it one day at a time. First, cut down on the frequency and then slowly on the habit.

If it is a person, a close friend, or partner, then talk. It might be intimidating at first, but it will be fruitful in the long run. Toxic relationships are very well documented, but you also need to burn down those bridges which are often masked as toxic friendship. Often some people are actually not happy to see you go headway, but it is important to recognize such traitors and cut them off as soon as possible for the sake of your mental peace.

Understand the problem

Responding to triggers is even more important than addressing them. It requires effort to build resilient mental health. You need to talk about it and be brave enough to seek professional help when needed. Your mental health requires the same protocol of treatment as mental health. It is the will to do, so that makes all the difference.

Acknowledge the red flags that distress your well-being. It can be simple anxiety, frequent breakdowns, panic attacks, phobia, eating issues, depressive behaviors, or some kind of trauma that occurred later in life. Once you call out the distress, its half battle one.

The pandemic has blessed us with the close-knit environment of our loved ones. It has made seeking professional help easier. The shift to the digital world and the concept of telephonic appointments has been substantially successful in promoting mental well-being care more than ever.

So, throw away that screen and take a break to care for yourself. Have a conversation and discuss the specific details about yourself, your behavior, and the weak points which make you unsatisfied and hinder the growth.

Healthy routine

The pills are a monetary solution to diseases, but the lifestyle changes certify a positive solution forever. Your brain must receive its amount of nutrients, and muscles burn the calories that aren’t needed. Therefore, eating healthy and giving time for physical exercise is mandatory.

Healthy eating includes a platter full of proteins and vitamins. Make that your diet is balanced enough. Hydrate yourself as frequently as possible. Water is the most underrated potion that can create magic with bare minimum effort. It helps to enhance the glow of your skin and wipes out toxins from your body. Avoid caffeine and narcotic substances.

Physical exercise at least 5 days a week boosts your spirits and mental health. It can be any form of physical effort like swimming, badminton, cricket, or a simple walk did two times a day for 30 minutes. Yoga is said to be the most Vedic form of exercise that elevates your self-awareness and makes your soul spiritual.

So, make a routine and give time to such beautiful habits and patterns that make you mentally and emotionally stable.


The deadly virus which struck us last year gave us a whole year to realize the importance of small things such as sunrise, sunset, balcony, plants, friends, and family. It is minuscule things done daily that give us pure joy.

Express gratitude and implement mindfulness to appreciate your surroundings. Practice meditation to awaken your inner soul. Start from a 5-minute session every day and then gradually increase the period.

Realize your capabilities and climb the zenith of your dreams with these simple endeavors. We owe thanks to the invisible being for making us competent enough to love the mundane life each one of us has.

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