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The purpose & significance of Interior Trends
Interior Trends are a great way to smarten up your home. Trends can create a welcoming ambience for your guests and make your sweet home more aesthetically pleasing. Moreover,following interior trends can help in increasing the value of your home as trends can keep fluctuating but having a home that is 100% cool & stylish can make it more fascinating to potential buyers.

Here are 7 leading interior trends:
1) Biophilic Interior: Integrating plants into our home decor is a trend that is thriving in popularity. Not only do they add a splash of nature and life to our homes, but they also have the potential to improve air quality, relieve stress, and even strengthen our overall mental & physical well-being.

2) Flexibility & Functionality of space: The trend towards flexible and functional interior spaces has gained momentum in recent years. By opting for adjustable furniture, partition walls, and intelligent storage solutions, you can effortlessly fulfil your specific needs.

3) Sustainability: Over a while, people have realised that their lives are eventually dependent on the natural world existing around them. The world is gradually evolving towards being more cautious about nature & environment. Hence, more & more people have started choosing IGBC green homes which support the norms of environmental sustainability.

4) Minimalism: Minimalism based on the concept of “Less is more” is presently dominating the global market. Minimalism is an interior trend that emphasises simplicity and functionality. Some key elements include neutral colours, clean lines, and natural materials.

5) Smart Home Technology: The incorporation of smart home technology would be more popular in the luxurious home segment, mainly for home safety, security, lighting and blinds.

6) Lighting: Due to technological advancements, colour-changing lamps could become a vital part of ambient lighting for certain areas in homes.

7) Retro-style Interiors: The retro-style interiors are making a huge comeback! This trend is focused on bringing back vintage design elements such as mid-century modern furniture, geometric patterns, and vibrant colours. With the right use of interior trends, you can easily build a rich ambience that will bring your home a unique and timeless style. Blog – Saachi Newaskar

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