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Pune is currently the ‘IT’ city for a millennial to live in. Humble people, magnificent climate and an ever-growing job market, are contributing majorly to this trend. According to statistics available, the Pune residential realty market has seen the highest appreciation in India in the recent times.

With the information technology sector spearheading the job market scene in the city, making it a lucrative destination for the Indian youth to call it a home and settle there for good, the city is expected to boom at an unexpected rate in the decade to come.

What is more interesting is the fact that the Pune Real Estate market has continued to grow despite the overall slowdown in the Real Estate market in the country. This is mainly because of the strong economic drivers driving the city. In addition to being an established IT hub, the city is also a major manufacturing site for the automobile sector of the country. With these two verticals going strong, more and more people are expected to settle around these automobile hubs and IT parks in the coming future and the Real Estate industry of the city is all ready to fulfil the increasing demand.

Pune is also known as “Oxford Of East”, due to its popularity as a student destination and the high number of prestigious educational institutions.

In addition to the IT and the automobile sector, Pune is also seen as a major marketing hub for marketing of food grains and other commodities. The city is also a major marketer of the country’s important agricultural tools and implements as well as pharmaceuticals, cement and minerals, fertilisers, timber, petroleum products and readymade garments.

What also makes Pune such a lucrative market for the Real Estate builders is the strong fundamentals of the city. The city has a well connected social network of hospitals, schools, colleges and several top-notch retail outlets.


The city of Pune can be broadly divided into two corridors, namely the eastern corridor and the western corridor. The eastern corridor of the city which consists of areas such as Kharadi, Hadapsar, Nagar Road and the Airport Road, is well connected to other parts of the city. On the other hand, the western corridor which spreads its wings towards the industrial belts of Chakan and Talegaon and the Hinjewadi IT Park, has the important Mumbai-Pune Expressway for its company. According to the recent data, the eastern side of the city is currently more in demand as compared to the western side. This could be mainly because of the fact that the eastern side has a better connectivity to the city, which is further complimented with a good social infrastructure.

The eastern side of the city is currently more in demand as compared to the western side.

So, if peace and tranquility along with a phenomenal standard of living are your ideas of a good life, then the city of Pune fulfils this desires of yours to the tee. Astonishingly, a major percentage of people nowadays prefer Pune over Mumbai because of the aura and the charm of a modern and a quite city engulfed all in one. So, if you also have been contemplating for long whether to book your dream house in Pune or not, then now is the time not to think but act. Book before the prices shoot the roof and you lose out on a chance to own your own humble abode at a stellar price in one of the best cities in the world.

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